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Organizational Structure

PAAN has two functional organs: the General Assembly and the Executive Committee.

The General Assembly consists of individual, organizations and associate members.

Any practitioner or professional or academician in the field of Public Administration with prescribed qualifications may become an individual member of the association.

Governmental and Semi-Governmental organizations, business houses and training institutions in the field of Public Administration may take organizational membership.

The General Assembly issues guidelines and approves plans and programmes of the Association. The Executives Committee is elected for a period of two years.

Newly Elected PAAN Executive Committee 2011 – 2013

Mr. Vidhyadhar Mallik
Minister, Ministry of Local Development
Mrs.Yashoda Kafle
(Vice President and Officiating President)
Professor, Public Administration Campus
Mr. Reshami Raj Pandey
Joint Secretary,Ministry of Local Development
Mr. Bishnu Raj Paudel
Principal, Lincoln College
Mr. Keshav Raj Pandey
Lecturer, Public Administration Campus
Prof. Chudaraj Uprety
Former Chairman, TU Public Service Commission


Mr. Bal Krishna Ghimire
Joint Secretary, Ministry of Tourism
Mr. Bhim Dhoj Shrestha
ICT Specialist and Head, Central Department of Library and Information Science, TU
Mr. Gopi Nath Mainali
Joint Secretary, National Planning Commission
Mr. Ishori Prasad Paudyal
Director General, Department of Water Supply
Mr. Krishna Gyawali
Secretary, Ministry of Industries
Mr. Krishna Hari Baskota
Secretary, Office of Prime Minister and Council of Ministers
Mr. Laxmi Kanta Paudel
Lecturer, Public Administration Campus
Mr. Rana Bahadur Shrestha
Former Secretary, Government of Nepal
Mr. Saroj Khanal
Tax Journal

Former Committee

Prof. Chuda Raj Uprety
Public Administration Association of Nepal
Former Chariman, T.U. Service Commission & NAST
Tel: 4222943 (Off.), 4466557 (Res.)
Vidhyadhar Mallik
(Vice President)
Former Secretary,
Government of Nepal
Tel: 4468144 (Res.)
Krishna Hari Baskota
(General Secretary)
Joint Secretary
Ministry of Finance G/N
Tel: 4259801 (Off.), 4279987 (Res.)
Bishnu Raj Paudel
Lincoln College
Tel: 4363024 (Off.), 4352301 (Res.)
Ratna Raj Nirola
Associate Professor
Central Department of Public Administration, Tribhuvan University
Tel: 4251872 (Off.), 4471371 (Res.)


Dr. Govind Prasad Dhakal
(Immediate Past President)
Associate Professor
Central Department of Public Administration, Tribhuvan University
Tel: 4251872 (Off.), 4489586 (res.)
Bhoj Raj Aryal
(Faculty Member)
Central Department of Management, Tribhuvan University
Tel: 4330847 (Off.), 4469487 (Res.)
Chudamani Sharma
(Under Secretary)
Ministry of Finance G/N
Tel: 4410340 (Off.), 444497171 (Res.)
Ganga Bahadur Thapa Magar
Students Welfare and Sports Section, Tribhuvan University
Tel: 4330487 (Off.), 4279180 (Res.)
Ishwari Prasad Ghimire
(Training and Research Officer)
Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC)
Tel: 5522160 (Off.), 4360523 (Res.)
Jhanka Narayan Shrestha
(Social Worker)
Tel: 4262976 (Res.)
Laxman Nath Upreti
(Central Member)
Human Right Organization of Nepal (HUEON)
Tel: 4269948 (Off.) 4356506 (Res.)
Niranjan Kumar Uprety
(Section Officer)

National Planning Commission, G/N
Tel: 4227998 (Off), 4281010 (Res)
Rana Bahadur Shrestha
(Director General)
Department of Inland Revenue
Tel: 4211306 (Off.), 4771630 (Res.)