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About PAAN

Introduction of PAAN

Public administration as an academic discipline has not a very long history in Nepal. Most of the activities in this discipline in Nepal evolved around the development of public bureaucracy. The Ministry of General Administration and Public Service Commission are also involved in the development of Public Administration as a profession.

Institutions such as the Central Department of Public Administration, Public Administration Campus. Center for Economic Development and Administration (CEDA) and Nepal Administrative Staff College have contributed to the development of Public Administration as an academic discipline in this country. But these two aspects, i.e. academic and professional, have remained separated and minimal efforts have been made for the integration of public administration as a profession and an academic discipline.

Realizing the importance and urgency of a professional association, it was decided to establish a professional, non-government association as a meeting point for both aspects of this discipline aiming the development of publi9c administration both as a profession and as an academic discipline.

Objectives of PAAN:

Established in 1990 as a national organization of academician’s professionals and practitioners, the Public Administration Association of Nepal (PAAN) has the following objectives:

  1. Provide professional feedback in formulating policies for various aspects of national development.
  2. Facilities the exchange of information and experience among the intellectuals and practitioners in the field of Public Administration.
  3. Act as a focal point Nepal for the international organization/associations with similar objectives.
  4. Carry out research in the field of Public Administration. Publish reports and ensure their dissemination.


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